The Right Way to Wash Your Workout Clothes

Smelly workout clothes need to be washed as soon as you come from the gym and they might need some special care given the demanding materials or the high levels of dirt on them. You sweat in them a lot and no matter how hard you try, your workout clothes will smell and will be harder to wash, so you will definitely need to know more about how to wash them the right way.

Prepare the clothes

Most important, when you get home from the gym, take the clothes out of the bag to prevent odors from sticking to the fibers. If you keep the workout clothes in the bag for too long, they will smell even worst. Before you wash your workout clothes, turn them inside out because all the sweat and the oils coming from your body will be on the inside of your clothes.

Soak the clothes in lukewarm water with vinegar

If you think that a certain garment is too dirty or smelly to put in the washing machine along with other clothes, give it a quick rinse with vinegar to kill the odor particles. Soak the workout clothes in the sink and add some vinegar to remove the bacteria.

Freshen the workout clothes with the PureSteam clothes steamer

The workout clothes that you didn’t get the chance to wear at the gym but that you had with you might have a funny smell that can be easily removed with a clothes steamer. PureSteam is compact, portable, and delivers a powerful steam in only 2 minutes. Use it to freshen your workout clothes that don’t require washing.

Limit the amount of detergent you use

You might think that more detergent will clean the clothes better but in fact it will make rinsing a lot more difficult. If you don’t overcrowd the washing machine and you add just enough detergent, your workout clothes will come out clean and perfectly rinsed.

Don’t use a fabric softener

Most of your workout clothes are made of elastic fabrics and softeners are the worst enemy of elastic because they stick to the fibers and create the glue-like feeling that damages the clothes. Therefore, don’t add fabric softener to the rinsing cycle no matter how much you want your workout clothes to smell nice.

Dry the clothes

After washing the clothes properly, you can toss them in the clothes dryer to remove any excess moisture, just make sure you opt for a low temperature cycle or an air dry one. This will prevent any damage on the fabrics that are sensitive to heat.

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