The Right Way to Stay Hydrated when Exercising

Hydration is mandatory when you work out. After all, the amount of water that your body loses through sweat has to be recovered somehow. But you have to be careful even when you hydrate because there are right and wrong ways of doing it. To find out which is the right way to stay hydrated when you exercise, read the following lines.

Stay hydrated with clean water that you get from the Culligan FM-25 faucet mounted water filter

As we have already mentioned, the quality of the water that you drink is just as important, if not more important than the quantity of water that you ingest. Unfortunately, both tap water and bottled water are filled with contaminants that present a big danger to your health. To make sure that the water you drink when you work out is clean, install the Culligan FM-25 faucet mounted water filter. This stylish and compact water filter comes at the price of only $31. The simple design makes it easy for you to install it, no tools being required for the job. In addition to removing the dangerous contaminants that reside in the drinking water, this water filter reduces bad taste and odor as well. Just take a bottle of water that has been filtered by this appliance with you when you exercise, and you are ensured to stay hydrated in a healthy way.

Eat fruits that are rich in fluids and electrolytes

Fruits that are rich in fluids and electrolytes are great not only for hydration purposes, but they are great for refueling after intense workouts as well. The electrolytes found in fruits like dates and bananas provide the body with what it needs to recover fast and perform at its peak at all times. Also, by consuming fruits that are rich in fluids, like peaches and watermelons, you provide your body with the water that it needs to continue performing at high levels. Of course, make sure that you don’t replace drinking water with eating fruits. While they might contain some water, they aren’t as hydrating.

Super hydrate your body with alkaline water

Alkaline water has a lot of wonderful properties that make it ideal for consumption. But this water is especially important for those who exercise on a regular basis because it has superior hydrating capabilities when compared to regular water. This is all due to the fact that alkaline water comes in small clusters of 5-6 microns, which means that the cells are able to absorb it faster.

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