Must Have Yoga Equipment for Beginners

Everybody needs to know that yoga has the power to lead you into an amazing world where you realize that you are capable of performing all those feats of contortion. Yoga is about meditation and breathing. Once you have learned everything about breathing, you will be able to practice yoga anywhere and at any time. When you are starting doing yoga, it’s hard to decide what you really have to buy. As such, in the following lines, you can read more about a must have yoga equipment for beginners.

Consider buying a yoga mat

When you start performing yoga, it’s recommended to buy a yoga mat. This item will help you feel more comfortable in your practice. Moreover, by using a yoga mat, you will avoid any knees and back injuries. When it comes to the characteristics, the yoga mats are available in all colors and materials. For example, if you want to buy a quality yoga mat, you can choose Manduka Shade Eko mat. This is fully recyclable, durable and provides a great grip for intense sessions.

Use a yoga towel

By using a yoga towel, you will feel more confident, especially if you have sweating problems. Most brands are using absorbent microfibers to ensure safety movement when your sweaty palms grip the yoga mat properly. Moreover, the towels vary in size and price. For example, a YogiEarth towel is $50 and it provides you with some eco-friendly silicone dots and a dual sided grip. However, you can also find towels at $10, but they won’t provide a high-quality level.

Choose the right clothes

When performing yoga, it’s important to wear some comfortable and breathable clothes. Choose to wear a shirt and some comfy leggings which will allow you to practice any exercise. Moreover, you need to know that yoga studios won’t let you perform with your shoes. As such, leave your shoes near the entrance. On the other hand, if you exercise outdoors, you will need a pair of athletic shoes, which can provide you with flexibility.

Don’t forget about the blanket

Most yoga studios usually have blankets for beginners to use during their first classes. It’s recommended to use your own blanket for hygienic reasons. The purpose of these blankets is to protect your body during the yoga sessions. Furthermore, you will feel more relaxed and confident using them.

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