Can Massages Improve Post Workout Recoveries

Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, or anyone who has ever exercised know how painful muscle soreness can be and how hard it is to recover after an intense workout. For their personal comfort, rumors go that a massage can improve workout recoveries and can take away the feeling of sore muscles, but being only rumors makes people skeptical. To get you out of doubts, let’s see how true it is that massages can aid in post workout recoveries.

Studies confirm the efficiency of a massage in reducing muscle soreness

First of all, you must know that many studies have been performed on individuals who suffered from post workout muscle damage and the immediate results were satisfying. Researchers have stated that at least 15 minutes of massage on the affected area improved the recovery and restored the proprioception of the muscles, or the ability to detect stimuli. In shorter terms, after massaging the affected area, the muscles began to recover their sensitivity and there were less pain and inflammation experienced.
It is recommended to have a massage right after an intense workout to prevent the inflammation from spreading and to take advantage of the heated muscles. A brief massage of 15 minutes can do wonders for your painful muscles by reducing the inflammation similar to how a medicine works. Also, stimulating the muscles encourages the production of mitochondria that use oxygen and food to create energy that helps repair damaged muscle cells. Regular massages increase the levels of mitochondria in your body so your muscles will become stronger and will recover faster after a workout.

Try the Brookstone Signature massage chair

Just to be certain, you can try this yourself and see how effective a massage really is in relieving muscle pain and the tension created after a strenuous workout. You will notice that your muscles will soon relax and they will no longer feel stiff and achy. For the best results anytime you want, consider getting a massage chair that will sooth your body after every exerting workout, like the Brookstone Signature. This massage chair is as efficient as a professional masseuse and can cradle your entire body in a relaxing yet powerful massage that promotes a fast post workout recovery. The 18 massage programs included offer a 3D massage that targets every painful area in your body and stimulates your blood circulation to help relieve sore muscles.

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