Best Methods of Measuring Body Fat

A low body fat percentage is the key to a slim body but also to a healthy life because it’s known that fats are not good for your health and must be excluded from your diet as much as possible. To make sure you are following the right diet and that your workout routine is what you need for losing weight, you have to measure your body fat level from time to time. There are many ways of measuring body fat but only some really show accurate results that help you keep tabs on your weight loss progress.

Skin Folding

The easiest and most popular method of getting a precise measurement of your body fat is skin folding that implies using the skin caliper, a device that you can find at almost any gym and that is very easy to use. You simply fold your skin and use the skin caliper to see how thick the layer of skin is in order to determine how much fat is located right underneath your skin. The technician that performs the measurement puts the numbers into a formula that reveals your body fat level.

Bioelectrical Impedance

Another convenient way of measuring your body composition is the body fat analyzer that you can have at home and use by yourself. Such a device uses bioelectrical impedance that sends a current through your entire body to determine the body fat levels, the visceral fat, the water level, the bone mass, the muscle mass, and more. Omron HBF-514C is a body fat analyzer that offers information on 7 body parameters, including your age and BMI to help you monitor your body fat.

DEXA (Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry) Scan

This method is a high-tech one that provides very accurate results as well but this type of scanner is harder to find and more expensive than the other methods. However, it will deliver a complete measurement of your lean tissue, bone mass, and fat from various areas of your body and the precision is outstanding. Using this device will also let you know which are the areas of your body that hold the most fat so you will know which one to target during your next workout session.

Air Displacement Plethysmography

This efficient method can only be used in a physicians office and is an excellent way of estimating body composition. For this, you need to sit in a machine, like the Bod Pod, that measures how much air your body displaces when it enters the machine. This enables it to calculate your body density that then helps it determine your body composition.

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