Alkaline Water Impacts in Athletic Performances

All sports trainers and competitive athletes know how important water is for the health, well-being, and performance of a person who exercises regularly and who desires to reach high athletic performances. Of course, the quality of the water that the athletes drink is just as important as the quantity. Water ionizers have been around for more than 40 years, these appliances delivering alkaline water to those who use them. Unfortunately, water ionizers and alkaline water have seen their fair share of controversy. This is mostly due to the fact that people don’t make the proper research, and they listen to rumors that are completely false. The truth is that alkaline water has many properties that make it vital to the diet of an athlete. To better understand how it actually impacts athletic performance, continues to read our article.

Better hydration

Alkaline water comes in smaller clusters than regular tap water. While tap water comes in clusters of 10-12 molecules, alkaline water comes in clusters of 5-6 molecules. This means that the cells in our bodies are able to better absorb alkaline water. Also, it means that the body is better hydrated when drinking alkaline water than when you drink regular tap water. Seeing how important proper hydration is when we exercise, it’s easy to understand why alkaline water is the best choice to go with in order to improve athletic performance.

Antioxidant effect

Due to the fact that alkaline water is filled with antioxidants, it helps the body get rid of free radicals. This is especially important because, after an intense workout session, our bodies produce even more free radicals than they normally do. Therefore, if you consume alkaline water, you will keep your health better protected and you will help your body perform at its peak by doing so.

Shorter recovery time

The intense and challenging activities that athletes perform make them more susceptible to sore muscles. For them to be able to continue with their performance, they must wait until the muscles recover, which might take a lot of time. But by drinking alkaline water, the built-up acidic waste in their systems is dramatically reduced. Seeing how lactic acid is among the acidic wastes in our bodies, lactic acid being the one that’s causing sore muscles, it’s easy to understand how drinking alkaline water is linked with a shorter recovery time.

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